Development of a B2B Portal for Manufacturers, Dealers, Franchisors and Wholesale Companies


Saint-Gobain is one of the world's top 100 major industrial corporations. The company develops innovative solutions for the construction, renovation, production industry and transport.


The client wanted a B2B portal with the integrated ERP system for business automation, providing re-calculations of all extra charges, discounts, penalties and features of unique price offers during the order placement, which complicated the project, and made all other contractors reject it.


  • Development of a B2B portal on Magento 2
  • Integration with SAP ERP
  • Mobile app development on iOS and Android platforms

B2B Portal Development

The B2B portal was developed on Magento 2.

This allowed appointing a responsible user for the client, a manager for each organization and a legal entity for customers by default.

SAP ERP Integration

Taking into account the complexity of the customer's document flow and pricing, the SAP ERP integration was implemented, which allowed taking into account all the rules, extra charges, discounts, penalties and features of unique price offers.

Mobile App Design and Development

Our objective was to preserve 100% of the functionality of the desktop project version, at the same time making the interface more user-friendly and intuitive. It must only take 2-4 clicks for a user to perform any target action.

And we did it!

Order Statuses

Just like the website, the mobile version allows users to see the entire business process and the order processing flowchart right on the order status page. This flowchart is unique for each set of rules and reflects the actual transitions in the order processing workflow.

Some statuses must be confirmed by the client — in such cases, the client receives automatic e-mail notifications.

A single screen displaying all information about the order


In 1 month we launched MVP with SAP integration according to the initial design version.

In 2 months launched a project with a complete set of features described and carried out the first connection of clients.

In 6 months we have debugged all business processes in the office, taking the case complexity into account.


«You are true professionals. We spoke about the project idea at the very first meeting, and you helped to develop it and transform it into something special».

Vladimir Belyaev,Head of Sales Development for Saint-Gobain

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