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BI system for analytics

BI system for analytics

Business intelligence (abbrev. BI) is a set of IT tools for fast collection, analysis and conversion of data arrays into a convenient format.
The BI system combines data from several sources to create interactive dashboards and reports, that can be the basis for your management decisions.

Problems solved by BI system


Collecting large arrays of data from various sources and its subsequent arrangement


In-depth data analysis, an objective assessment of the current situation and quick preparation of customized reports


Tracking analytics across multiple channels in real time using interactive dashboards


The company's shift towards the data-driven culture, where every employee will have access to data and metrics necessary for their work

BI System Features


Collecting data from multiple sources

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Сбор данных из множества источников в BI-системе - KT.Team

The BI system works with databases (SQL Server, Oracle, Access, etc.) and files (Excel, CSV, XML, etc.), as well as combines information from hundreds of supported local and cloud sources into one multi-level dashboard.


Data array analysis

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Анализ массива данных в BI-системе - KT.Team

Using such functions as quick measurements, grouping, forecasting and clustering, the BI-system enables sampling from databases, allows you to compare information by specified parameters, configure it in multiple ways, determine the current level of indicators and generate reports much faster.


Real-time analytics

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Аналитика в реальном времени в BI-системе - KT.Team

Real-time access to analytics for each channel allows you to quickly react to the situation and make timely decisions based on the latest information.


Data visualization

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Визуализация данных в BI-системе - KT.Team

Интерфейс BI-системы интуитивно понятен и позволяет настраивать отображение аналитики по необходимым показателям в удобном виде: диаграммы, гистограммы, графики.


Multithreading and access rights differentiation

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Многопоточность и разграничение прав в BI-системе - KT.Team

The BI-system supports simultaneous operation of multiple users. It is possible to assign different access rights at various levels.


Quick data search

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Быстрый поиск информации в BI-системе - KT.Team

A search index allows you to combine information into an organized structure, so that each employee can easily search for the data they need for work.

BI systems as part of company's structure

In management

Dashboards display profitable and unprofitable business directions, the income and expense dynamics, as well as the return on investment. Thus, the company gets the opportunity to objectively assess the current situation and scale the stronger directions of its activity.

In sales

The BI-system works as a tool for planning and evaluating the implementation of a sales strategy. The analytical data collected helps distribute work across your team more effectively, evaluate the sales dynamics of and efficiency of each manager.

In marketing

The BI-system is used as a tool for evaluating marketing events and advertising campaigns. Allows you to monitor the impact of seasonality and competitors' actions during the sales, track the rise and fall in demand. Helps plan your marketing budget.

In accounting

The BI-system performs an auxiliary function during the budget planning, management and control of financial flows, and the overall cash flow monitoring.

In production

The BI-system analytical data is used for the production plan development, supplies and inventory management, transportation network analysis, for tracking returns, failures and defective products, as well as for employees' efficiency monitoring.

For each employee

The BI-system helps promote the data-driven culture in the company. Each employee has the opportunity to work with BI analytics and see the metrics they need for work. A distinctive feature of BI technologies is that the more users interact with the system, the deeper the level of its analysis.

We use Power BI and Dataiku systems

Внедрение Power BI - KT.Team

Power BI

Power BI is an analytics service for business with the opportunity to integrate various data sources, such as Dynamics 365, Salesforce, SQL Azure, Excel, SharePoint and other third-party applications. The web interface of the platform allows you to create customized visualizations and necessary reports in just a couple of clicks, whereas a desktop application helps to standardize and clean up your data.

Внедрение Dataiku - KT.Team


With the help of machine learning, Dataiku helps to transform huge data arrays into practical ideas. The company can connect to different storage systems and databases, such as Hadoop, NoSQL or image drains. Dataiku has always been focused on making data science available to the general public, not only analysts.

Industry-specific solutions

Внедрение BI-системы в технологической компании - KT.Team


Adobe has been a world leader in technological tools for multimedia content creation for the past 35 years.


Detailed analysis of all information

The combination of Analytics Cloud and Power BI gives companies an opportunity of closer "interactions" with data during the entire customer lifecycle.
The use of Power BI with pre-configured templates significantly speeds up the work of analysts, helps to study information from different sources in more detail and paves the way to scale a company internationally.

Внедрение BI-системы в транспорте и обслуживании пессажиров - KT.Team

Client Service

Heathrow Airport is major international airport in London, serving more than 80 million passengers per year.


Flight data — under control

Using Power BI, the company brings real-time operational data to life for 75,000 airport workers, who are better able to react to such emergency situations as stormy weather, cancelled flights, and other disruptions Power BI converts the back-end data into visual reports and dashboards comprehensible to airport staff and employees.

Внедрение BI-системы в торговле, коммерции - KT.Team


Meijer is a major regional supercenter chain with 230 stores in six US states


Sales analytics

BI-system connects to the local SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) cube, which includes about 20 billion rows of data updated almost in real time.
This solution allows store managers to analyze large amounts of data, including the sales information by regions, stores and exact departments, fast and in a convenient form.

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