Global experience in migrating projects to Magento 2



We are talking about successful cases from international experience in migrating projects to Magento 2.

  • Case number 1. How a B2B portal helped a service provider become No. 1 in its niche.
  • Case number 2. As an equipment distributor in the US, he increased orders by 28.6% using a B2B portal.
  • Case number 3. We doubled our income and conquered a new market: how the B2B portal helped the construction giant.
  • Case number 4. Omni-channel platform for a jewelry retailer: we were in time for Black Friday and increased revenue by 29.74%.
  • Case number 5. Omni-channel sales: how Accent Group increased sales tenfold in just 10 months.
  • Case number 6. Omni-channel in five countries: HP's conquest of the Asia-Pacific region.
  • Case number 7. How to beat the competition and increase sales by 27% when the market is falling.
  • Case number 1. How a B2B portal helped a service provider become No. 1 in its niche

    Development of a B2B portal on Magento 2 for Transcat, an American provider of calibration services, measuring and testing equipment.

    The product

    Migration from Magento Commerce 1 to Magento Commerce 2.

    Why choose Magento?

    A single platform

    The platform combines power and flexibility to serve different types of businesses and all their needs.

    Differentiated work

    Differentiated work with customers from different target segments is available.

    Advanced functionality

    You can make more diverse business offers to potential and existing customers.


    17.7% more mobile visits

    2.5 times more registrations on the site

    13.7% more website traffic

    Internal business processes have been optimized, which has a positive effect on operational efficiency (costs are reduced, quality is increasing). The brand has reached the same level as the world's largest B2B distributors. The user experience is now considered one of the best in the industry.

    About the company

    Transcat was founded in 1964 and has offices in the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico.

    Item: calibration services, testing and measuring equipment (sale and rental, new and used). We have our own brand and equipment from global brands.

    Transcat customers: industrial, pharmaceutical, energy and chemical enterprises.


    1. Improve service quality

    It has become more difficult to maintain a leading position in your industry. To differentiate ourselves from the competition, we decided to improve the quality of service for our B2B clients.

    2. Make your business more flexible

    The business needed to be made more flexible and improve operational efficiency.

    3. Digitalize several types of businesses

    It was necessary to digitize several fundamentally different types of businesses within the company.

    What has been implemented

    Unified information system was created

    Transcat's key business systems, including ERP, were integrated using middleware. Order, customer and product data is now updated in real time.

    The site structure was improved and made more convenient to use

    The site hierarchy was restructured using a new dynamic site comparison and created a new site design based on UX testing.

    Important business features were implemented

    More convenient payment tools, such as PayPal, as well as internal management tools (UrapidFlow and Google Tag Manager) have been added to the site. Amasty's store locator now helps customers find the branch closest to them. Magento module B2B to specify prices, it was supplemented with a specially developed solution for individual pricing. Site search performance has been improved with Elastic Suite, and scalability has been added to shipping management with ShipPerHQ.

    For the first time, an equipment rental order and added a dynamic product configurator  were digitized

    All rental operations were transferred to an information system that was integrated with Transcat middleware.

    An API for dynamic updates of orders was developed. It has become easier and faster for customers to rent a megaohmmeter (a device for measuring high electrical resistance values). The product configurator has become one of the most interesting elements of the new platform. Users can now create dynamic products on the go, choosing the right equipment parameters for specific tasks. This creates dynamic SKUs (item identifiers) that can be taken into account in the company's ERP.

    Time from development to implementation: 18 weeks.

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    Case number 2. How an equipment distributor in the US increased its orders by 28.6% using a B2B portal

    The product

    Migration from Magento Commerce 1 to Magento Commerce 2.

    Why choose Magento?

    The drive to innovate

    The platform is characterized by a constant desire for innovation.

    New B2B module

    A big advantage Magento Commerce 2 is a new B2B module.

    Advanced functionality

    It may be easy to expand the functionality in the future.


    By 28.6% orders increased year-on-year

    By 48.4% page loading has accelerated

    By 29.6% the number of customers increased year-on-year

    The site's performance has increased dramatically. Customer feedback has been positive, with great receptivity to our new streamlined checkout process. We are seeing an increase in sales and productivity.

    Feedback from managers

    About the company

    Baker Distributing was founded in 1945. It sells HVAC equipment (heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems), as well as equipment used in public catering. Spare parts and consumables are used in residential, commercial buildings and marine vessels.

    It has more than 200 offices sales in 22 US states. Customers: professional HVACR contractors (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) in the residential and non-residential real estate market.


    1. Increase customer satisfaction

    It was necessary to increase customer satisfaction by further simplifying its unique purchasing model.

    2. Create a reliable system

    We needed a system that was reliable and easy to set up.

    What has been implemented

    Unified information system

    Integration with the existing AS/400-based ERP was carried out through a customizable internal API server. Prices and current availability at each of the more than 200 branches are now displayed in real time. Using PIM (product information management), Baker can easily expand its online product base and receive the latest updates to this database.

    Improved site structure: more convenient to use, with new features

    Site new UX isbased on the principles of Material Design. The overall appearance of the entire site has become attractive, structured and consistent.

    Third generation search engine was implemented. The result is a quick discovery of the right product at the right price, which is now available at the Baker store that customers prefer. The price quotation process has been modified and is now focused on ERP. And finding and viewing products depends on the customer category and is based on local data on warehouse status and sales.

    If a customer needs a part that is out of stock, it is possible to simply create a quote for the customer to place an online order. “The ability to specify branches and negotiate prices is of paramount importance for our industry,” says the customer.

    With the messaging feature, customers can ask questions to a technician, and management can track how they respond and how they help customers make purchasing decisions.

    If a customer needs an invoice, they can find it online. You can also check your account balance online. At the same time, Baker's internal ordering system also allows Baker to process orders via email, PDF or other methods at the customer's request.

    Thanks to individual ordering, Cart remembers the customer's personal data, minimizing re-entry operations.

    Mobile apps

    Baker StockPro software uses its own iOS/Android mobile apps. They can be used to track and manage inventory and optimize purchases while on the go. Customers view their purchase orders from Baker, other Watsco distributors, and third party distributors in the app. The result is a single source of inventory and order information — and thanks to Magento, this happens automatically.

    PWA was used — Progressive Web Apps

    This ensures extremely quick navigation through product pages and search results.

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    Case number 3. We doubled our income and conquered a new market: how a B2B portal helped the construction giant

    Development of a B2B portal on Magento 2 for the Belgian construction giant Lecot.

    The product

    Migrate to Magento Commerce 2 from its first web site, developed on an internal .NET implementation.

    Why choose Magento?

    The platform is ideal for current tasks.


    By 75% online sales have increased

    By 11% the average check has increased

    Twice monthly online income has increased

    The company went beyond Belgium: it managed to expand B2B sales in the Netherlands, in a new market for itself.

    About the company

    Lecot — supplier of construction equipment, devices, tools and personal protective equipment.

    For more than 150 years, the company has built a business in Belgium with 600 employees, more than 50 stores and a database of more than 200,000 customers.


    1. Streamline the existing site and eliminate shortcomings

    2. Improve customer service

    It was necessary improve B2B customer service and increase online sales to gain leadership in your niche.

    What has been implemented

    Product information management system (PIM) and a resource planning system (ERP)

    The InRiver PIM system has been implemented, which controls more than two million SKUs, from door closers and hinges to welding masks and washing machines. The system transfers rich product content to the website, as well as to the warehouse management system and tools business analysts. Using the new PIM system, Lecot can now create product files for architects and builders who need detailed product specifications, images, and even barcodes.

    Website restructure and new features

    The number of layers was reduced from 16 to 4 and 300,000 products were compared with 4,500 categories to make them easier to find. As the search situation was critical, Lecot integrated Klevu search extension (based on artificial intelligence). Prices are now immediately shown in search results when a customer logs in.

    Advanced account management capabilities take your business to the next level. Using user roles, Lecot employees control what each user can see and do on the site. For example, what ordering channels and products are available to them, price visibility, and what quick order lists they can access to make it easier to reorder. Users can easily switch between accounts when they need to shop for different departments or projects.

    Individual pricing

    To ensure the best price for its customers, Lecot has implemented complex pricing rules based on customer groups and wholesale price levels. They also take into account special promotional offers. For example, if an air compressor has a promotional price that exceeds the customer's price, the default price will be lower than the standard price. Changes in promotional prices and changes in wholesale prices from more than 1,700 suppliers are now reflected on the site in real time. Magento is constantly testing the AS/400 ERP system in the background to ensure that the customer always gets the right price.

    Case number 4. Omni-channel platform for a jewelry retailer: we were in time for Black Friday and increased revenue by 29.74%

    Switching to Magento 2 and developing an omnichannel service for the Polish retailer of jewelry, watches and accessories TOUS.

    The product

    Migration from Magento Open Source to Magento Commerce 2.3 with the Multi Source Inventory (MSI) module connection.

    Why choose Magento?

    Display of actual balances

    It is able to provide omnichannel and order management from many sources with real-time display of actual balances.

    High sales volumes

    Great for large sales volumes.

    Fast implementation

    It was important to be in time for Black Friday.


    By 13.6% website conversion increased during Black Friday

    By 29.74% overall income increased during Black Friday

    By 7.98% the average check on Black Friday increased

    Operational efficiency has improved

    Magento shows how many items have been sold, what point of sale or warehouse they are in, and how best to deliver them to a specific customer.

    The number of cases of unavailability of goods in stock has decreased

    Notifications about a small number of items in stock reduce the number of times out of stock.

    The main thing: TOUS can offer more products for sale online

    Regardless of whether these products are in stock or in store.

    About the company

    TOUS — a company from Spain, has been operating since 1920. Now it produces and sells jewelry, bags and accessories around the world.

    Polish retailer manages sales at 54 stores in Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia.


    1. Integrate a large amount of information from various sources into the omni-channel system

    Sales were conducted in three countries with three different delivery methods and locations, and information about stock balances, receipts and shipments was separately stored in 56 sources. This made it difficult to analyze and manage sales.

    2. Increase your online conversion rate

    It was necessary to increase the online conversion rate, speed, scalability and performance of the platform.

    What has been implemented

    Multi Source Inventory (MSI) module integrated with ERP

    MSI easily integrated with existing TOUS systems (such as ERP) and helped improve operational efficiency by managing inventory in several physical locations, all as part of Magento administration.

    As a result, MSI has solved all the brand's inventory management problems.

    Time from start of development to implementation: 3 months (urgent work before Black Friday).

    Case number 5. Omni-channel sales: how Accent Group increased sales tenfold in just 10 months

    The transition to Magento 2 for the Australian shoe company Accent Group (the official distributor of Timberland, The Athlete's Foot, Skechers, etc.) shoes.

    The product

    Migration from an old static site to Magento Commerce 2. Omni-channel support and development of a new module in conjunction with a mobile application.

    Why choose Magento?

    Open source

    Magento Commerce 2 has attracted open source, as well as the flexibility and control that are available to each brand in its own way, in an authentic way.

    Extensive opportunities

    The platform has every opportunity for Accent Group to create innovative digital technologies for its consumers and radically change its business.


    By 30—50% click & collect sales increased (online order with pickup)

    Twice site conversion has increased

    10 times sales increased in 10 months

    Omnichannel support

    Site adaptation for mobile devices

    The needs of mobile device users were met as much as possible.

    Click & collect sales were launched and supplemented with click & dispatch.

    About the company

    Accent Group works with the most well-known footwear brands including Vans, Timberland, The Athlete's Foot, Platypus, Hype DC and Skechers. Australia and New Zealand are located more than 430 stores from 10 different retail brands.

    Each brand has its own character: from laid-back Vans to rebellious Dr. Martens to the iconic Sperry Top-Sider.

    They decided to start the digital transformation with Australian number one retailer Platypus, as well as The Athlete's Foot, Australia's largest retailer of sports shoes.


    1. Improve customer service

    Competition in shoe retail is growing. The focus is now shifting from products and goods to services and user experience. It is necessary to improve the quality of customer service and make their interaction with the brand as pleasant as possible.

    2. Improve the mobile version

    The majority of Accent Group's traffic came from mobile and tablet devices. Taking this into account, it was necessary to increase the page loading speed on the mobile version of the site and make interaction more convenient for such devices.

    3. Provide opportunities for growth and scaling

    4. Implement the click & collect system

    5. Accent Group has begun to rethink the role of its retail stores. Instead of viewing stores as separate outlets, they started thinking of them as distribution centers. It was decided to implement the click & collect system.

    6. Maintain the authenticity of each brand

    What has been implemented

    The needs of mobile device users were taken into account

    Especially for them, the developers deeply integrated the site with Instagram and created a theme similar to a mobile app.

    Click & collect system with click & dispatch

    In less than a year since the start of using the click & collect methodology, the share of such sales has increased to 20% of total online transactions. This idea has been expanded to include click & dispatch — delivering online orders directly to customers — providing 30-50% of digital sales since its launch.

    Data from all channels of interaction with users

    We have developed several key integrations to support the brand's omni-channel strategy, including the introduction of Apparel21 ERP and Temando Fulfillment.

    Special module and a mobile application for selecting suitable sports shoes

    The goal was to transfer the physical experience of customers online when trying on shoes as usual. As a result, we created an integrated system consisting of MyFit devices in stores (with a pressure sensor and motion analysis), as well as an online application and a MyFit module.

    This has taken customer service to a new level.

    Case number 6. Omni-channel in five countries: HP's conquest of Asia Pacific

    Migration to Magento 2 and development of a major omni-channel project for HP's Asia-Pacific branch (5 countries, 5 online stores, more than 600 offline stores, 1 platform).

    The product

    Migration from Magento Commerce 1 to Magento Commerce 2, omnichannel support.

    Why choose Magento?

    This is a modern platform that is ready to work with large amounts of data and support rapid sales growth.


    5 countries are connected to the same platform

    By 23% the number of customers choosing click & collect has increased. This increases valuable traffic to offline points of sale and is more profitable for the company than ordering online with delivery

    600 stores in India operate on the click & collect system

    About the company

    HP is a world-famous brand in the field of information technology, workstations, InkJet and LaserJet printers. The company also produces 3D printers.


    “Capture” the Asian market

    HP Asia Pacific operates in a major Asia-Pacific region. It needed a flexible e-commerce solution that could operate seamlessly in five countries and several hundred customer touchpoints. Moreover, the number of countries and locations is likely to grow in the future.
    It was important to “capture” the Asian market, demonstrating full control over the quality of customer service. Flexibility in many platform segments and an acceptable level of costs were required.

    What has been implemented

    Three-level structure, the core of which is Magento

    At the top of the structure is the HP Universe. It includes omni-channel integration, project management, content strategy, and 360-degree customer interaction.

    Then, at the local level, the regions provide their local data. These are the features of payments and logistics, language, and the nuances of order management.

    This flexible structure allows HP to control the common elements of e-commerce, while allowing regions and countries to meet the individual needs of their customers in the local market (as they are closer to each other).

    Click & collect system

    We conducted a successful experiment with the introduction of online pick-up orders in India. It is planned to extend this system to the entire region in the future.

    Retail and online booking systems for demonstrations in stores

    This supports an omni-channel “online-offline” strategy.

    Case number 7. How to beat the competition and increase sales by 27% in a falling market

    Development of an omnichannel solution for Primeau Vélo, a chain of bicycle stores in Canada.

    The product

    Magento Commerce 2, omnichannel support.

    Why choose Magento?

    This platform has great opportunities in omni-channel commerce.


    By 27% sales increased in the first year after implementation, without increasing labor costs

    Twice September sales increased during the off-season

    By 30% the conversion rate for visitors who initiated chat sessions increased

    20% of visitors spoke to a Primeau Vélo employee before they visited the store

    Every third visitor came to the store with a mobile phone that already had information about the desired product.

    The time to sell goods in the store has decreased by 50%

    About the company

    Canadian bicycle shop chain Primeau Vélo It has been working since 1928.


    Maintain your market share

    The bicycle industry was in decline. The lion's share of sales has moved to marketplaces like Amazon. To maintain its market share, the store needed innovative solutions.

    What has been implemented

    Comprehensive update

    We rebuilt everything: from an online store to social networks, an ERP system and accounting. We integrated LS Retail POS systems and Microsoft's ERP solution, which work with the InRiver PIM system to provide product information. Magento was at the heart of this multi-level transformation.

    Omni-channel marketing

    Primeau Vélo now easily connects with its customers at every touch point, including website, messenger, LiveChat, store, mobile phone, and more. All data is collected in a single center.

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