Change the world together is a company that provides software development services.
Our offices are located in Togliatti and Istanbul.
Since 2013, we have been developing custom software for medium and large business.

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“Where am I going to work?”

Our Togliatti office is
a place for productive work and communication.
We strive to work in office, though remote positions are allowed

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“What do I get from KT.Team?”

A working day with a flexible start.
The white salary and registration in accordance with the Labor Code of the Russian Federation.
Training assistance, recreation and other benefits from the company

About registration and benefits

Our company's goal is to improve the engineering culture and ensure team growth.

Ours social mission  — help people from the old economy enter the professions of the new economy, making society richer and more productive.

Our work is based on a deep understanding of OOP, DDD, SOA, process modeling, Agile, and system analysis. We know about the engineering paradox it's easy to do it complicated but it's difficult to do it gracefully and simply”, that's why our most complex projects work and launch gracefully, simply and unambiguously.

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KT.eam development approach

Learn more about our mission

Just as in the 19th century, the automotive industry was forced to invent and create the entire industry for itself, in the absence of standards, rules, and unambiguous degrees of expertise, so the IT industry is now in the process of transition from innovation to a regular sector of the economy.

Just yesterday, “developer” was associated with geek guys, but today most young people know how to develop.
Just yesterday, gaming companies developed their own game engines and dealt with issues of mechanics and physics, but today gaming companies are paying more and more attention to an interesting plot, and game engines that provide realistic physics or the interaction of objects in the game are for specialized companies.

The efficiency of development processes and processes in IT companies is still low, and the number of available technologies that need to be mastered is already very high.
The potentially high margins of IT projects lead to a high demand for developers. Their revenues far exceed those of the old economy. This causes a large influx of new — still completely inexperienced — personnel on the market, and the industry's standards and criteria have not yet been formed. Online schools, various coaches and consultants, and beginners themselves are parasitic about this; they teach them how to pretend to be an experienced developer right in the courses.

Business wants to get outstanding results from IT, but does not achieve them with the efficiency required by the market.
The industry responds to this by supplying a large number of ready-made low-code and no-code products and developing standards. After all, today it is difficult to draw the line between middle and senior even for developers, and there are still a dozen younger professions in the industry!

At KT.Team, we want the sustainable development of IT as an industry as a whole, to bring it closer to a mature sector of the economy, where stable results are no longer a problem.
Our dream is to become an example of high-quality engineering and set standards for quality and speed through new technologies in software design and interaction with business. Our dream is to become the largest and most famous service company in the world.
We think that this will lead society to success and wealth, and ultimately we will help overcome today's global environmental challenges. After all, only at a certain level of income do societies begin to value every life, worry about the environment, and use consumption wisely.

Managing partner, Andrey Putin

Our values

We speak as it is, we do it right

Our values |




We are constantly improving the working methods and development of employees


Internal and external training courses


Moneyback at any stage of work, if you are not satisfied with the result




Technical support by technical support operators, not developers


Software is transferable and alienated


We can help with cloud-native




Compliance with business ethics


Honest assessments, transparent process

What we're working on

We don't chase projects for the sake of trendy technologies. There are practically no “on-the-table” projects in our portfolio — every day we improve the processes of companies that set industry standards.

Our cases

The technologies we work with

• A wide range of business applications in Python, PHP and Node.js

• Implementation of PIM systems

• ESB/iPaaS implementations

• Mobile apps (Flutter, Kotlin, React.js, etc.)

• PWA (React.js, Vue.js)

• Magento e-commerce

• Projects that require BPM/BPMN modeling, Impact Maps and Unit-Economics frameworks for PDCA

• You can research and borrow new technology for the client (by mutual agreement)


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