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Development on Magento

Development on Magento

Magento is an e-Commerce online trading platform. About 30% of all online stores in the world are built on Magento.
We have been creating high-load online stores, B2B portals and marketplaces on Magento since 2013.



Customer interaction

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Взаимодействие с покупателями через Adobe Commerce (Magento) - KT.Team

product demonstration, order acquisition, payment, sales stimulation

It is easy to change prices, provide discounts, organise promotion campaigns, generate and accept coupons for payment.
The integrated Elasticsearch technology enables the scalable search as the number of queries grows.


Online store content management

Узнать больше о возможностях Adobe Commerce (Magento) - KT.Team
Управление контентом интернет-магазина в Adobe Commerce (Magento) - KT.Team

available for several stores simultaneously

It's a perfect system for major online stores with hundreds of thousands of SKUs. There are built-in tools to work with major catalogues. There is an opportunity of integration with additional services: MDM, PIM and other systems.
There are different access levels for different categories of employees (for example, for managers, accountants, IT specialists).


Complex integrations

Узнать больше о возможностях Adobe Commerce (Magento) - KT.Team
Интеграции сервисов и приложений с Adobe Commerce (Magento) - KT.Team

using API

Availability of multiple types of integrations:
• internal corporate data systems (ERP, CRM, WMS, conveyor belt management systems and many others);
• external data systems of partners, counterparties, merchants;
• third-party services (for widget management, payment acquisition, control of fraud, etc.).



Hard-coded architecture

Guarantees the absence of vendor lock-in and allows you to change the contractor or transfer the solution to your technical department.



There are no limitations on the functionality, the memory, processes, performance: the platform is growing along with your business and can cope with any loads. Supports RabbitMQ, Varnish, Elasticsearch, asynch APIs, including GraphQL.


Global ecosystem

More than 4,800 extensions (applications) are available from the Magento Admin user interface, including WCM/DXP, PIM, CPQ, reviews and ratings, marketing center and analytics.


High code quality standards

It depends on: a hard-coded architecture, 100% unit tests coverage of the core and major part of modules, fast elimination of backward compatibility (Magento 2.3.4 supports PHP 7.3).


Внедрение Magento в архитектуру среднего бизнеса  - KT.Team

Medium-sized business


Scalability, growth support

Magento offers a solid architectural base for the optimization and scaling, as well as a predictable architecture that makes the work of the IT team transparent for business.
It's easy to use Magento as the back for mobile applications and various terminals, as well as an OMS (Order Management System).

Внедрение Magento в архитектуру крупного бизнеса  - KT.Team

Major companies


Flexibility, security

Magento supports highload products and enterprise-solutions: for example, you can manage product catalogues with 200 million SKUs without sacrificing performance (due to Elasticsearch, Varnish and PWA).
The platform is designed to maintain multiple integrations. It supports up-to-date security standards, while ready-made cloud installations for Magento Enterprise meet the strict PCI Compliance requirements.

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