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Acceleratethe Developmentof Innovationswith Mendix

Acceleratethe Developmentof Innovationswith Mendix

Mendix is a universal low-code development platform for business process automation. It allows users without programming skills to quickly create an MVP, implement and test it, and get quick results for their business.



Personal IDE

Узнать больше о возможностях low-code платформы Mendix - KT.Team
Интегрированная среда разработки (IDE) low-code платформы Mendix - KT.Team

The platform provides an opportunity to monitor the application development process and synchronize the workstreams of business analysts using the Mendix Studio (no-code) and developers using the Mendix Studio Pro (low-code).
Built-in collaboration tools ensure effective communication between the business and IT infrastructure, enabling users with any level of technical skills to participate in development.


Flexibility and Scalability

Узнать больше о возможностях low-code платформы Mendix - KT.Team
Гибкость и масштабируемость low-code платформы Mendix - KT.Team

The application architecture is created in the form of microflows and nanoflows that allow you to easily and visually add complex business logic to your application processes without writing a code.
Integrations are based on REST, SOAP, OData, web and other services. Mendix out-of-box apps are containerized, portable, and scalable to any size without redesign.


Speeding Up MVP Development

Узнать больше о возможностях low-code платформы Mendix - KT.Team
Ускоренная разработка MVP с помощью low-code платформы Mendix - KT.Team

The visual development environment and the possibility to reuse components help speed up the process of developing applications and testing new ideas.
Deployment in a public, private, hybrid cloud and on-premises environment is implemented with a single click – using the LowOps technology.


Data Security

Узнать больше о возможностях low-code платформы Mendix - KT.Team
Обеспечение безопасности данных в low-code платформе Mendix - KT.Team

You can create roles for groups of users – each role specifies the level of access to all assets in the element, including data. Create the fine-grained database and information security restrictions down to the attribute level on specific entities.
Fault tolerance, instant backup and recovery are provided by default.


Visual development environment

with reusable components.

A personal IDE

that allows people with different levels of technical skills to participate in the development.

Effective communication

between business and IT infrastructure accelerates MVP development.

Reducing the code base

Integration with any third-party database without the need to write a single line of code and one-click apps deployment using the LowOps technology.


Внедрение low-code платформы Mendix в госсекторе - KT.Team

Public sector

Smart Office is a one-stop-shop for government services, visited by 1.5 million people per month.


Digitalization of services

Dubai Municipality digitized 250 paper-based services in just 3 months, integrating services and engines used by 36 departments and more than 13,000 municipal employees.

Внедрение low-code платформы Mendix в производство - KT.Team


Continental AG is a world leader in automotive technologies with more than 240 thousand employees.


The request processing time has been reduced to a few minutes

Mendix implementation allowed managing the process of approving and removing capital expenditure requests, formulating the workflow for budget requests, assigning the approving persons, taking the nature of the request into account and reducing the time of budget request processing from several hours to several minutes. This tool was created in record time – 12 weeks instead of 1 year.

Внедрение low-code платформы Mendix в образование - KT.Team


REPORTER system of North Carolina State University processes more than 500 thousand registration applications for their courses annually.


Reduction of the development period by 10 times

The REPORTER system automated the course registration process, as well as the billing process, using a solution that complies with the PCI DSS standard. The system was developed by trainee students in 6#nbsp;months, although the planned development of a Java application was initially estimated at $ 5 million and was supposed to take from 3 to 5 years.

Внедрение low-code платформы Mendix в event-индустрии - KT.Team


The Solomon Group production company specializes in the organisation of major events.


Maintaining statistics for business optimization

Sensors on optical turnstiles transmit data to the application, allowing event organizers to see the real-time visitors flow and the available excess capacity of the premises. In addition, the application helps determine the overall number of guests at an event, the exact time they left, what entrances and exits they used, and shows the most popular venue of the event at any selected moment of time.

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