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Implementation of PIM Systems

Implementation of PIM Systems

PIM system is a master system for managing products. It allows managing the rules of content addition and the display of product information, as well as the display of information in different channels, with regard to their specifics. It is part of the company's IT contour that is tightly integrated with other systems.

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Unified system for storing reference information

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Единая система хранения НСИ в PIM-системе - KT.Team

PIM system integration allows to collect all scattered data on goods and products, which can be stored on different sources - ERP, Excel tables, cloud storages, Google disks, etc., into a single database. PIM system helps easily manage data quality (reliability and completeness) and avoid errors.


Data Import and Export

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Импорт и экспорт данных в PIM-системе - KT.Team

Upload and download data from different sources, create upload and download rules, and perform centralized control of work with product suppliers or content managers.


Multilingual Support, Conversion of Attributes

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Поддержка мультиязычности и конвертация атрибутов в PIM-системе - KT.Team

Simple tools for translating information into different languages, automatic rules for currency and measurements conversion.


Data History

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В PIM-системе сохраняется история внесения данных - KT.Team

The opportunity of tracking the author of any changes made and returning to any point in the data change history.


Classification by Different Sources

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Классификация информации о товарах в разрезе разных источников в PIM-системе - KT.Team

Useful in case you want to add different product descriptions on your web site, on Amazon, on 1C / SAP / Navision. Or if you have multiple websites with intersecting products.


Information Quality Control

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Контроль качества информации в PIM-системе - KT.Team

An operator can monitor the completeness of filling in the information (both in general and for each channel separately — the site, 1C, uploads to Amazon, ASOS or Farfetch). The system automatically informs you which parts are to be filled in first.

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One database as a single source of information

Simplicity of data quality management (completeness, reliability).

Optimizing the work of website operators

Business processes, rules of operators' work, and adding information provided in the same place.

Reducing the volume of product information

stored in other sources. Decreasing the cost of supporting other information systems.


PIM-системы для производственных компаний - KT.Team


Complex Product Variations

The more variations of the same product you have (colors, materials, sizes, etc.), the harder it is to monitor the filling in of product cards. XLS files help speeding up operators' work, but they are no longer sufficient.


The provision of uniform rules

The provision of uniform rules for products in one place allows you to speed up the fill-in and reliability control of product information and a specialized interface helps "beating the Excel".

PIM-система позволяет учитывать сложные вариации продуктов - KT.Team


Manufacture of Goods

You enter a large amount of product information (if you are, for example, a manufacturer or a trading company).


Consolidates, coordinates, and provides a user-friendly interface

The PIM system consolidates, coordinates, and provides a user-friendly interface that helps operators manage product information, which later on becomes available on other sources and your clients can find it online in the formats suitable for the upload to their IT systems.

PIM-системы для омниканальных продаж товаров - KT.Team



For different types of products there can be different types of channels. Each channel requires a unique format of sales presentations. Marketing should manage this information in a centralized way.


Centralized management of different channels

PIM / PXM systems provide an opportunity of the centralized management of different channels, with the same verification rules applied and with regard to particularities of channels, regions, and languages.

PIM-системы для маркетплейсов - KT.Team



Imagine there are tens of sources, with hundreds of parameters in each. They have different data structure, descriptions, and attribute names.


Common rules

PIM aligns information from different sources. Common rules are set and a flexible system for matching parameters is provided. All sources of product information are processed centrally.

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