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Riversand implementation

Manage product data using the Riversand platform

A cloud-based MDM/PIM platform based on microservices with an automated analytics system. Use key analytics to identify bottlenecks in business processes, identify links between channels and user behavior, segment and accelerate the launch of new products to market.

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Riversand's PIM and MDM capabilities


Product data management

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Product data management at Riversand |

The Riversand Product Experience 360 (PX360) module automatically downloads product data from a variety of sources. It allows you to manage any type of data and related business processes, edit entities and attributes in bulk, including according to a pre-prepared schedule, and then publish content on all necessary channels through a single platform.


Personalize content according to analytics data

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Content personalization based on Riversand analytics |

The Riversand Customer Experience 360 (CX360) module uses machine learning algorithms to identify patterns in user behavior.
It creates a customer journey map for various user segments and allows you to prepare personalized offers and product recommendations for them, plan changes in product data taking into account sales drivers.


Integrations and scalability

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Riversand integration and scalability |

The Riversand App Marketplace's internal connector store contains several dozen ready-made solutions for scaling a business. Modules are available for direct API integrations with Amazon, Shopify, Walmart and other channels. Software development kit, abbreviated SDK) allow you to create your own connectors if the marketplace does not have the integrations that the business needs. It is also possible to extend the functionality of existing applications using user interface plugins, widgets, charts, and reports.


SaaS model and data security

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SaaS model and data security at Riversand |

Access to the Riversand platform is provided using the SaaS model, which allows you to launch and test new projects in the shortest possible time. Data can be stored in a public, private or hybrid cloud that scales to business needs. Data security is ensured by an asymmetric encryption process at the level of external applications that create or modify data.

Additional features (provided by integrations from the Riversand App Marketplace)

Creating InDesign templates

Create page templates in Adobe InDesign and synchronize data with the PIM system.


Multilingual data support for different channels using the service connector

Instructions for employees

Creating step-by-step interactive instructions based on the Whatfix service for training and adapting employees.


Integration with SmartyStreets geocoding service.


Integration with OMS QuickBooks Commerce (formerly TradeGecko) to monitor and manage order information.

Information quality control

Integration with the 1WorldSync GDNS system to ensure high quality information and its compliance with current standards and regulations.

Riversand Industry Solutions

Using Riversand in Retail |



Shoppers Stop is a major department store chain engaged in online and offline retail in India. The range includes more than four million SKUs.


A single information management platform

A single platform for managing product information made it possible to quickly introduce new positions to the market and increase the number of sales channels, which led to an increase in sales conversions and an increase in the company's revenue.

Using Riversand in Energy |



Enbridge, a Canadian energy company, uses MDM to effectively monitor equipment wear and tear and share data between multiple business units.


Purchasing automation with MDM

The introduction of the MDM system has made it possible to automate the process of purchasing spare parts, reduce global inventory costs and reduce the risk of equipment shutdown. The problem of duplicating information from different sources was also solved.

Using Riversand in Pharmaceuticals |



Sartorius is an international supplier of pharmaceutical and laboratory equipment. The company was faced with the task of increasing the speed of information processing.


Digital asset management

The solution was to change the processes of modeling and managing digital assets. As a result, data transmission is automated across all channels, and the time to extract technical data has been reduced from a few hours to a few minutes.

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