Developing complex Python projects using machine learning -

Developing complex projects on Python

Developing complex projects in Python

Python is a universal, object-oriented programming language. Python can be used to implement projects using Machine Learning, Computer Vision, and Big Data.

Benefits of a project developed in Python

Faster development speed

Python's syntax is simple and pleasant to develop. Thanks to this, the project architecture is clear and the implementation speed is 3-4 times higher compared to other languages.

Data Science features

Large arrays are collected and analyzed in minutes. Therefore, Python implements machine learning and computer vision.

The implementation of any ideas

Do you have a bold idea that you want to implement on your project? Django and Flask frameworks make it easy and flexible to work on a project.

Python features


Corporate websites

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Creating corporate websites in Python -

Creating a “virtual office” where employees can work together, exchange information and documents of various types, and make changes to them. In addition, corporate websites can store all information about customers, business tasks, analytics, etc.


Corporate training systems

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Creating corporate training systems in Python -

Training portals can be either part of a corporate portal or a separate site. The corporate training system can store, create and manage training materials. It has the ability to manage learning processes, communicate and share knowledge.


Pattern recognition systems

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Creating image recognition systems in Python -

Using computer vision, software can recognize the content of photos, identify objects, classify them and generate them. Setting up targeted ads is gaining popularity in marketing.


Document recognition systems

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Developing document recognition systems in Python -

Automating the manual work of staff and digitizing paper documents. The document recognition system can classify documents, store them in a single database, and send them via internal and external channels (digitization of work with contractors and suppliers).

Implementation examples


Managing print services

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Managing printing services in Python -

For medium and large businesses, the issue of print automation is always relevant. For example, logistics operators often face the problem when the same document needs to be printed simultaneously on several printers in different parts of the warehouse. A print service developed in Python routes and delivers data to the printer, with the ability to send it for printing both from a work computer and from a mobile device.


Asynchronous modules for existing systems

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Asynchronous modules for existing Python systems -

In synchronous modules, each operation waits for the previous one to finish, so it is not uncommon for software to crash if one of the commands takes a very long time to complete. Asynchronous modules can successfully solve many operations at the same time, making it possible to download modules as they are in demand, which makes it possible to speed up the site's load.


Back-end for PWA and mobile apps

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Back-end for PWA and Python mobile apps -

Python is suitable for back-end development. The Kivy and BeeWare libraries allow you to write cross-platform mobile applications in Python that run on the main platforms: Android and iOS.

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