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Development of Complex Projects in Python

Development of Complex Projects in Python

Python is a universal, object-oriented programming language. It allows you to implement projects using Machine Learning, Computer Vision, and Big Data.

Advantages of Developing Projects in Python

Higher development speed

The Python syntax is simple and easy-to-use. This accounts for a clear project architecture clear, and the implementation is 3-4 times faster compared to other languages.

Data Science Opportunities

The collection and analysis of large data arrays takes a few minutes. Therefore, machine learning and computer vision are implemented in Python.

Making any ideas a reality

Do you have a bold idea that you want to implement on your project? The Django and Flask frameworks provide simplicity and flexibility when working on a project.

What Complex Tasks Can Be Solved in Python


Corporate Websites

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Создание корпоративных сайтов на Python - KT.Team

Creation of a virtual office where employees can work together, exchange information and different types of documents or make changes to them. In addition, all customer information, business tasks, analytics, etc. can be stored on corporate websites.


Corporate Training Systems

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Создание систем корпоративного обучения на Python - KT.Team

Training portals can be either part of a corporate portal or a separate site. Training materials can be stored, created and managed in the corporate training system. Such a system provides the opportunity to manage the learning processes, maintain communication and exchange knowledge.


Image Recognition Systems

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Создание систем распознавания образов на Python - KT.Team

Using the computer vision technology, the software can recognize the contents of photos, detect objects, classify and generate them. This appication of Python is gaining popularity in the field of targeted advertising.


Document Recognition Systems

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Разработка систем распознавания документов на Python - KT.Team

Automation of manual tasks and digitization of paper documents. The document recognition system can classify the documents, store them in a single database, send them via internal and external channels (providing the digitization of work with contractors and suppliers).

Implementation example


Print Service Management

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Управление сервисами печати на Python - KT.Team

For medium and large businesses, the automation of printing is always an important issue. For example, logistics operators are faced with the challenge when the same document must be simultaneously printed on several printers in different parts of the warehouse. The print service in Python ensures the routing and delivery of data to the printer, with the opportunity to send it to print both from a PC or a mobile device.


Asynchronous Modules for Existing Systems

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Асинхронные модули для существующих систем на Python - KT.Team

In synchronous modules, each new operation starts after the completion of the previous one, and the software can simply hang if one of the commands is executed for too long. Asynchronous modules can successfully manage multiple operations at the same time, provide an opportunity to load modules as and when required, which helps speeding up the website loading.


Back-end for PWA and Mobile Applications

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Back-end для PWA и мобильных приложений на Python - KT.Team

Python can be used for back-end development. Kivy and BeeWare libraries allow you to write cross-platform mobile applications in Python that run on both Android and iOS platforms.

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