Development of Projects and Applications with Django and Flask

Development of Projects and Applications with Django and Flask

Django is a high-level Python web framework that encourages rapid development and clean project design. Django adheres to the DRY (Don't Repeat Yourself) principle, which enables the simplicity of making changes, high-quality testing and a high development speed without excessive code duplication.

Django Advantages


The all inclusive principle

Django provides the all inclusive work experience. Django tools include ORM for database access management, as well as templates for dynamic HTML documents. It helps speed up the development process, as a programmer does not need to re-develop the basic functions.



Django is a set of independent plugins that are connected and ready for use by default, but can be disabled at any time in case of non-demand and replaced with other specific solutions (for example: a payment system replacement). A perfect solution for high-load projects with heavy traffic.



Django has built-in protection against the most common security errors by default. The framework hides your website source code, generating web pages dynamically with the help of templates that send information to web browsers when viewed directly on the Internet.


Search engine optimization

The Python projects are distinguishable due to their clean and easy-to-read code, which is why such websites get on top of the search results. Django allows you to write comprehensible URLs using relevant keywords and implementing the relevant search engine optimization practices.

When to Use Django

Django is suitable for major high-load projects and applications: news and B2B portals, e-Commerce and other projects with the main focus on the end product.

Flask is a web microframework for developing websites in Python. Its key principle is "simple tasks require simple solutions". Despite the fact that the Flask kernel is simple, it is quite easy to extend.

Flask Advantages



Flask allows the programmer to fully control the development process. Due to a simple structure and syntax of the framework, the resulting code is clean and comprehencible.



Most of the Flask framework is optimized to the greatest extent possible. There is a template engine, and there is a possibility of editing its interface if necessary.



Flask includes integrated unit tests, a built-in development server, a debugger and a query handler.

When to Use Flask

Flask is a perfect option for small websites that need maximum control over all project resources.

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