Development of e-commerce projects, B2B portals, personal accounts on Magento, Adobe Commerce, Salesforce, Saleor -

Developing complex projects on Saleor

Developing complex projects on Saleor

Saleor is a high-performance e-commerce platform created in Python with a separation of the back of the project and its front, which allows you to implement any changes to the project without losing the quality and speed of development.

Why other CMS are not suitable

E-commerce projects cannot be done “once and for all” with further technical support for the site. All major online stores are constantly developing, and their IT systems are regularly updated and modified.


Lots of irrelevant features

CMS have a monolithic architecture with a large amount of functionality, most of which is simply not needed, and there is no way to “turn it off”.


The close relationship between the backend and the frontend

It is a common situation when you need to urgently add a button to a page, and it takes just a few hours simply because two specialists are involved in this process. Is it familiar?

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The high cost of personnel

Most CMS are written in PHP. It is owned by experienced developers, who are few now, and they are expensive. On the other hand, there is an extensive pool of young and promising professionals who prefer more “trendy” programming languages.

Saleor's advantage is that it is an ideal replacement for the existing heavy-duty CMS for projects that are constantly developing and have a complex IT infrastructure.

Saleor features


Product configuration

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Saleor Product Configurations -

- A wide range of product types with multiple options and processing in the digital registry
- Import and export product data to Google and Excel
- Unlimited product attributes
- Grouping similar products into sets and collections to increase the number of orders on the site



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Internationalization management - 30 languages in Saleor -

- Saleor architecture dashboards support more than 30 languages
- Translation module for content
- Geolocation calibration and customer location
- Integrations with Avalara and Vatlayer, which help to take into account tax calculations in different countries


Data-driven E-commerce

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Data driven e-commerce on Saleor, dashboards, statistics, sales analytics -

- Ability to create multiple versions of the project for A/B testing
- Sales history and metrics to track site performance
- A machine learning-based product recommendation system to increase the average customer's check


Order management

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Saleor Order Management -

- The ability to choose delivery based on the customer's geolocation
- Calculation of shipping costs based on location, weight and order value
- Order tracking using a tracking service
- Creating unique customer profiles to clearly understand the site's target audience
- Setting up project fulfillment to manage order statuses and inventory
- Simplified processing of returns


“Basket” and checkout

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Basket and checkout at Saleor -

- Integration of accepting payments via PayPal, Braintree and Stripe
- “Cart” and checkout customization with the ability to place orders in one or more steps
- Promoting sales through personal push notifications based on the analysis of abandoned “Baskets”


Rights management

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Managing rights and access to information on Saleor -

- Manage access rights for employees by role
- Securing access to the dashboard with Google and Facebook authentication keys
- GDPR-ready, compliance with customer data protection laws
- Easy content management on the site
- Integration with Google Analytics to make it easier to monitor site traffic

What is the advantage of separating front and back

- In Saleor projects, the frontend (PWA, React) is separated from the backend (Django), which increases the speed of making changes to the project

- The website page loading speed on PWA is 0.1 sec.

- Integration with Elasticsearch for quick site navigation

- There is no need to develop a native application; on mobile devices, the site interface is like an app

- SEO-friendly, PWA sites are higher in search results than others

Front and back division on Saleor -

Industry solutions

The use of Saleor in a medical company -


Butterfly Network is a digital healthcare company striving to democratize healthcare, make medicine visual and accessible to the public.


Flexible rules for product configuration

With the help of Saleor, Butterfly Network has made the transition from a simple booking system to a comprehensive e-commerce solution. Saleor's flexibility made it possible to cope with non-standard product configurations and service-oriented architecture. Scaling and customizing the portal interface helped to quickly launch sales around the world.

The use of Saleor in the fashion business -


Pretty Green is a British brand of fashionable men's clothing and footwear that is in high demand among European youth.


Easy scalability to work with any workload

Pretty Green is characterized by seasonal sales, and at peak times, the old site could not cope with the load, and most of its visitors came from mobile devices. With the help of Saleor, the site began to withstand the load during sales peaks. PWA has increased sales, and now products can be added to the “Cart” even without access to the Internet. Thanks to the site's scalability, Pretty Green was able to launch a new version of its own Japanese store as part of a global business strategy with a local approach.

3 reasons why you should choose Python development

Python is a promising programming language with quick immersion in work.
The third most popular language according to the TIOBE rating.

Faster development speed

Python's syntax is simple and easy to develop, making the project architecture clear and implementing it 3-4 times faster than in other programming languages.

Data science features

Large amounts of data are collected and analyzed in minutes, so Python uses machine learning and computer vision.

The implementation of any ideas

about products stored in other sources — reducing the cost of maintaining other information systems.

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