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Complex Project Development on Saleor

Complex Project Development on Saleor

Saleor is a high-performance e-Commerce platform created in Python with the separated back-end and front-end, which allows you to implement any project changes without sacrificing quality or speed of development.

Why Other CMS Won't Do

E-Commerce projects are not designed once and for all, for website to need technical maintenance only. All major online stores are constantly developing, and their IT systems are regularly updated and modified.


Many outdated features

CMS have a monolithic architecture with lots of features, most of which are simply unnecessary, and, what's more, cannot be disabled.


Tightly coupled backend and frontend

It's the most basic situation when you need to add a button to the web page, and it literally takes several hours simply because you need two specialists for this process.

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High cost of maintennace

Most CMS are written in PHP. Only experienced developers are familiar with it. As a rule, they are quite expensive and hard to find. On the other hand, there are lots of young and promising (and less costly) specialists who prefer more "fashionable" programming languages.

One major advantage of Saleor is that it is a perfect alternative to the existing heavy CMS for projects that are constantly updated and have a complex IT infrastructure.

Saleor Features


Product Configuration

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Конфигурации продуктов на Saleor - KT.Team

- A wide range of product types with multiple options and processing in a digital registry.
- Product data import and export from / to Google and Excel.
- Unlimited number of product attributes.
- Grouping similar products into sets and collections to increase the number of online orders.



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Управление интернационализацией - 30 языковна Saleor - KT.Team

- Saleor's dashboard architecture is available in 30+ languages.
- A content translation module.
- Geolocation setup and customer location detection.
- Integrations with Avalara and Vatlayer, that facilitate tax calculations to stay compliant with rules and regulations in different countries.


Data-driven e-Commerce

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Data driven e-commerce на Saleor, дашборды, статистика, аналитика продаж - KT.Team

- The opportunity to create multiple project versions for A / B testing.
- Sales history and metrics to track the website performance.
- A product recommendation system with machine learning algorithms for increasing the purchase rates.


Order management

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Управление заказами на Saleor - KT.Team

- The opportunity to choose shipping methods specific to a customer's location.
- Shipping cost calculation with regard to the location, weight, and cost of the purchase.
- Order tracking using the tracking service.
- Creating unique customer profiles to form a clear idea of the website target audience.
- Setting up a fulfillment of the project for order status and inventory management.
- Simplifying the return processing.


Shopping Cart and the Checkout

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Корзина и чекаут на Saleor - KT.Team

- Integration of payment via PayPal, Braintree, and Stripe.
- Customization of the Cart and the checkout with the possibility of placing orders in one or several steps.
- Sales promotion with the help of custom push notifications based on the information about abandoned Carts.


Rights management

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Управление правами и доступом к информации на Saleor - KT.Team

- Managing access rights for employees by roles.
- Protect access to the dashboard with Google and Facebook authentication keys.
- GDPR-ready, compliance with laws on the protection of customer personal data.
- Easy website content management.
- Integration with Google Analytics to simplify traffic monitoring for your website.

The Advantages of Front and Back End Separation

- In Saleor projects, the frontend (PWA, React) is separated from the backend (Django), thus increasing the speed of making changes to the project.

- The PWA website page load time is 0.1 seconds.

- Integration with Elasticsearch for better website navigation.

- There is no need to develop a native application, as a result, the mobile website and the app have a similar interface.

- PWA websites are SEO-friendly and are ranked higher in search results than others.

Разделение фронта и бэка на Saleor - KT.Team

Industry-Specific Solutions

Применение Saleor в медицинской компании - KT.Team


Butterfly Network is a digital medical company that seeks to democratize healthcare by making medical imaging accessible to everyone around the world.


Flexible rules for product configuration

With the help of Saleor, Butterfly Network has moved from a simple reservation system to a comprehensive e-commerce solution. Saleor's flexibility made it possible to cope with non-standard product configurations, and utilize service-oriented architecture. Scaling and customization of the portal interface accelerated the sales launch all around the world.

Применение Saleor в модном бизнесе - KT.Team


Pretty Green is a Classic Men's Clothing, Accessories & Footwear brand, which is admired by the young people in Europe.


Easy scalability to work with any loads

Seasonal sales are typical of Pretty Green, and at peak moments the old site could not cope with the load. Meanwhile, mobile devices drove the majority of visits to the website. Saleor helped the website overcome the downtime in critical periods. PWA contributed to the sales increase, as it allowed adding products to the Cart in the offline mode. Thanks to the website scalability, Pretty Green managed to launch a new Japanese store version as part of a global business strategy, but with a local touch.

3 Reasons to Choose a Development in Python

Python is a promising and easy-to-use programming language.
The third most popular language according to the TIOBE rating.

High speed of development

The Python syntax is simple and easy-to-use — thus, the project architecture is clear, and its implementation speed of is 3-4 times higher compared to other programming languages.

Data science opportunities

The collection and analysis of huge data arrays takes a few minutes, so machine learning and computer vision are implemented in Python.

Making any ideas a reality

Do you have a bold idea that you want to implement on your project? The Django and Flask frameworks provide simplicity and flexibility when working on a project.

ESB–system cases

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