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The basics of our pricing

The basics of our pricing

Pricing in development is complicated. The cost of work starts from 4200 rubles per hour. It remains to understand how to compare prices, because you can do it in the same time but with different quality. For the same amount of time, but with a different set of features (it is mathematically proved that it is impossible to describe all the functionality of intricate environments).
Here we will try to explain general points that apply to any IT companies and projects.

KT.eam development approach

The requirements are the same — the proposals are different. What is the reason for this?

Why is it difficult to compare the cost of complex development between different contractors


Dealing with risks

Why do different agencies assume different risks


Contractors calculate the amount of risks in different ways.
Does every feature include decomposition? What happens if some previously unrecorded but blocking launch moments are included?


Contractors assess the quality of development in different ways.
Each contractor assesses the quality of development in different ways: using code review, TDD (test-driven development), industry standards and objective control tools, or by all means at once. This confuses the customer.


The courage to voice risks.
When calculating a project, not all companies assume the same risks or even talk about them. This is fraught with problems during the project implementation phase. There is a risk of losing time and money.


Time and materials in development

Why you can't compare by cost per hour and what could be the reason for the low rate


Internal animators.
We've come across agencies that use internal multipliers instead of showing fair prices. A real example: a very well-known agency is spending time right inside its information systems. Where you log in for an hour, you'll see, say, three.
Our company does not do this; we are ready to show workbooks under administrative privileges for any employee on all projects in which they participate. But we are very well aware of the situation on the market due to the migration of personnel between companies.


The cost of specialists on the market is the same.
A good developer, no matter where they are, is going to be expensive. It doesn't matter where he lives. We have payroll statistics in Moscow, Krasnodar and Togliatti, and our HR department processes several hundred vacancies per month. We confidently state that the salary expectations of equally trained specialists do not depend on the region (or even on the country when comparing Russia and neighboring countries).


The cost of a job is not determined by salary.
The cost of a job depends not only on wages. Don't forget that the cost of a development team includes factors such as office conditions, training, planning poker processes, regular meetings and the development of a collaborative culture. As a result, highly qualified production costs are very high.

A little bit about us

14,000 hours of development
per month

470 applicants per month

we go through various forms of assessment

Our approach

Transparent processes, alienated results

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Прозрачные процессы и отчуждаемые результаты разработки KT.Team

We maintain standards of honesty and openness on all projects for clients: we provide logs accurate to the hour, we conduct internal audits of project development and management processes. All project audit results are available to the customer.
Before starting development, we find out the project's business goals, build architectural and data flow maps, and approve them with the client to ensure the expected result at each stage of implementation, from MVP to the finished product.

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