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Speed UpApplication Developmentwith Zoho

Speed UpApplication Developmentwith Zoho

Zoho is a low-code platform with a set of tools to develop multiplatform business applications from scratch that doesn't require a development team to write and maintain the source code. Zoho Creator is a SaaS application, providing for simple and fast external integrations.



Drag and Drop Interface

Узнать больше о разработке в Zoho в парадигме low-code - KT.Team
Интерфейс drag and drop в Zoho в парадигме low-code - KT.Team

The visual builder of Zoho Creator allows you to transform the business logic of any complexity into processes with the operating functionality. The drag and drop interface is all you need to perform complex mathematical calculations and automate standard tasks.


Simple Integration

Узнать больше о разработке в Zoho в парадигме low-code - KT.Team
Простые интеграции систем с Zoho в парадигме low-code - KT.Team

Zoho Creator provides ready-made solutions for integration with various systems and cloud services. You can easily integrate with Zoho applications and third-party platforms, such as QuickBooks, Zapier or PayPal.


Access Rights Management

Узнать больше о разработке в Zoho в парадигме low-code - KT.Team
Управление правами доступа в Zoho в парадигме low-code - KT.Team

With Zoho, you can create different types of user roles providing access to the information they need. Access control at the role level ensures the security of business processes and simplifies work.


Report Creation

Узнать больше о разработке в Zoho в парадигме low-code - KT.Team
Составление отчётов в Zoho в парадигме low-code - KT.Team

Zoho provides detailed reports on your business processes in a required format – Kanban-boards, tables, lists, calendars, timelines, etc.



Узнать больше о разработке в Zoho в парадигме low-code - KT.Team
Zoho для создания кросс-платформенных приложение в парадигме low-code - KT.Team

With Zoho Creator, you can build an app to be accessed from any kind of device – laptops, smartphones, and tablets. The#nbsp;application built on Zoho Creator is automatically supported by iOS and Android devices without additional development.


Quick project launches

A rich ecosystem with intuitive visual builders, ready-to-use code snippets, form templates and reports helps you quickly deploy applications.

Safe use

As a low-code platform, Zoho follows industry standards to ensure high availability. The Zoho security features include audit logs, access control for users, automatic threat assessment, and monitoring.

Flexibility of solutions

As a low-code platform, Zoho Creator gives the flexibility and scalability of#nbsp;solutions and helps quickly adapt to#nbsp;market changes and customer needs. You can make changes to the#nbsp;project in real time.


Application Fields


IT resourcemanagement

IT And Administration are special applications for the IT resource management. They include: tracking IT assets, bugs, errors, and task completion process, as well as security management, logging, and Time Tracker.

Sales management

Sales And Marketing are applications for marketing activities management and coordination marketing and sales teams work. Ready-made solutions: monitoring leads and customer interaction, product catalog maintenance, setting up email newsletters, management of sales, quotes, franchises, and sales points.

Personnel management

Human Resources are applications for personnel management, hiring, onboarding, daily work planning, etc.

Finance management

Finance are applications for digitizing financial statements, accounting and tax recordkeeping, business trip registration, etc.

Customer Service management

Customer Service are applications to log calls and monitor the work of the customer service and the support team.

Other applications

Operations are applications for the workflow optimization with regard to individual requirements of each industry. They include: interaction with suppliers and distributors, order, inventory, logistics and real estate management.


Внедрение Zoho в инфраструктуру медицинской компании - KT.Team


Briotix Health is an American medical company that provides on-site ergonomic solutions that improve workplace productivity at small and medium-sized businesses and maintain health and working capacity of employees.


All customer information is in one application

Briotix Health staff includes more than 400 specialists (doctors, physiotherapists, sports coaches) providing on-site consultations on health issues to their clients. Using the low-code capabilities of Zoho platform, Briotix Health managed to digitize all business processes and create an application that accumulates customer information and time record sheet data for each employee, and generates the necessary documents for invoicing.

Внедрение Zoho для корпоративного обучения - KT.Team

Corporate training

English2go is an English language school that offers business English training for company employees.


Digitalization of the main processes

Using the low-code platform, Zoho English2go has digitized business processes and has optimized its customer interaction. English2go has automated attendance records, the payment calculations to the teaching staff and report creation. Thanks to the low-code solution builder, the company has managed to create individual portals for administrators, teachers and students to avoid confusion while planning, rescheduling or canceling classes.

Внедрение Zoho в инфраструктуру производственной компании - KT.Team


Mission Bicycle is an American manufacturer of custom bicycles designed with regard to individual requirements of customers.


Management of interactions with suppliers, post-sales maintenance

Previously, Zoho was used as a solution to develop an order management application. Then the app functionality expanded to include management of interactions with suppliers, post-sales maintenance, financial accounting and reporting. Moreover, the bike registration procedure was added on the website to work with local law enforcement agencies and other bike stores, and make it possible to find a bicycle and give it back to the owner in case of theft.

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